Vital Signs for Your Relationship

An Assessment & Report to Help You Understand Your Relationship

At some point, we have all wanted to have a deeper understanding of how our relationship is really doing. It's amazing to fall in love and to find the person that you care about more than anyone else. But, even the greatest relationships have areas in which they can continue to grow. Whether we're madly in love with a new flame or deeply in love with a partner we've shared life with for decades, we can miss some of the areas in which we can continue to grow together and deepen our affection for one another. 

When I work with couples, they often ask me, "What do you think? How is our relationship doing?" It's one thing to offer my opinion in response to those questions, but that's just one perspective. So, at Yetman Counseling Services, we've recently developed something to help answer those questions. We're calling it The Relationship Review. 

The Relationship Review is for every couple who simply wants to check in with a professional to get a status report on the health of their relationship. We start with an initial thirty-minute consultation to find out about your goals and the areas that you may be most concerned about. We'll also take this time to help you understand the assessment process. The assessments that we use are highly researched and give you a comprehensive understanding of your relationship across a wide range of categories. You complete the assessment at your own pace and you don't need to finish it all at once; you can save it an go back at any time. 

When the assessment is complete, we'll receive the results electronically and have the opportunity to review it in more detail before our final ninety-minute consultation. We use that time to work through what your results mean and emphasize your strengths as well as some of the areas that could use a little extra attention. You'll leave that consultation with a better idea of the health of your relationship and ways that you can continue to grow together. 

We will also share plenty of tools and resources to help you reach your relational goals. While there is no obligation to continue with therapy, you might find that you enjoy the process and would like to go deeper. If that's the case for you, we would love to work with you or to put you in contact with just the right therapist for you.

The Relationship Review is normally a $325 package, but it's currently on sale for $275. And, because you read all the way to the end of this blog post, if you use the promo code TOGETHER, you'll get another $25 off!

It's a great, low-risk way to learn new ways to improve your relationship. We'd love to work with you today.