When you find someone that shares your values, challenges you to grow, validates your emotions, and stands beside you no matter what, you know you’ve found a real partner. These relationships give support and love and the energy to continue. There is great power in knowing that there is someone standing beside you. This is one of the great benefits that people talk about when they experience therapy for the first time. It is an incredible moment when you feel like someone gets you.

For the past several years, that has been our own journey. We have adventured together, studied together, laughed and cried together. Our own relationship has grown stronger and deeper. Because of all of this, we have begun to orient our lives in a common direction, towards a goal of helping individuals, couples, and families to more deeply understand their stories, to heal from wounds of the past, and to experience deeper connection with those that they love as they move forward.

Today, we are excited to announce that Yetman Counseling Services is ready to welcome a new partner. After nearly thirteen years of marriage, many years of graduate school and clinical work, Desmond Smith, Kristy’s husband, is officially joining her practice. Desmond’s therapeutic training includes an emphasis on developing the quality of our relationships with our loved ones. For individuals, this might include work in understanding how our relationships have impacted the way we see ourselves and the world around us. For couples or families, this may include relationship enrichment, parenting issues, or help with navigating transitions such as when a child begins high school, when a parent passes, or when a teenager discloses that they identify as LGBTQ.

We are excited about this new phase. It has long been our dream to be able to work together in this field. We hope that our own experiences together, our diverse training, and our openness to your stories can help you become more fully aware of your own identities and how to continue to work to develop the relationships with those you love.

You can learn more about our work and our interests in the about section on our website. If you’re interested in exploring how therapy might benefit your life, contact us today for a free phone consultation.