Desmond Smith, LMFTA

At the heart of what people do, I believe, is a deep desire for meaning and connection. Meaning is about knowing that what you do has a purpose and connection helps us to feel that we are not alone – that we matter to those we love. These two ideas are coupled together so that when our sense of meaning is strongest we have the ability to make our deepest connections. When we are deeply connected, we are more likely feel a satisfying sense of purpose. 

My work is rooted in understanding how these two ideas interact in our lives. We approach these questions holistically, considering how our own experiences, our relationships with others, our history, and even our biology might impact our sense of well-being.

I received my Masters in Marriage & Family Therapy from Pfeiffer University in Charlotte, NC. Currently, I am Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist Associate (LMFTA) in the state of North Carolina. My training has involved various approaches to therapy including working one-on-one with individuals, collaboratively with couples, and even with entire families dealing with internal conflicts or disruption. In addition to working through an experience anxiety or depression, there are many other reasons to engage in therapy. For individuals, this might mean processing a lack of satisfaction with a career or discussing what it means when systems of faith or meaning no longer seem to work. Couples often come to therapy to learn how to more effectively communicate or to heal after the experience of infidelity. In families, therapy can often help with issues ranging from discipline to processing how to effectively support a child who identifies as LGBTQ. 

Each of these scenarios, I believe, impacts all of us in different ways. We will work collaboratively to understand these issues on a deep level in order to work towards an effective resolution. We will work to share our perspectives and to understand and express our own needs. We will work towards a deeper sense of well-being by enhancing our connection with others and understanding that we truly matter.

I look forward to the opportunity to work with you.


  • Relationship Enrichment

  • Child & Adult Anxiety

  • Adolescent adjustment

  • Family Therapy

  • Faith/Meaning Crises


I am now accepting new clients and would love to work with you, your partner, or your family.

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