The Experience of Therapy

Yetman Counseling Services provides a safe, caring, and compassionate space where clients are able to share their experiences. Therapy is an active process that involves collaboration between counselor and client as we work toward meeting your goals. When you are ready for change, therapy is often rewarding and transformational. 

At Yetman Counseling Services, the experience of therapy will differ for children, adults, couples, and families. 

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Even for adults, asking for help can be scary; making that first phone call can be difficult.


All individuals come to therapy with a unique set of needs and experiences. In order to be effective, we understand that adults need to feel comfortable and that they will be respected as they share painful memories or troubling concerns. Even for adults, asking for help can be scary; making that first phone call can be difficult. When you reach out to Yetman Counseling Services, know that we aim to be trustworthy and caring from the very beginning.

We will work to fully understand your concern from a number of different perspectives and to collaboratively develop goals for your work together. Drawing on a number of different techniques, we will work to find an approach to therapy that challenges you, helps you meet your goals, and provides opportunity for continued growth.



Working with couples presents unique opportunities to explore feelings, meaning, and issues more deeply. We believe that, ultimately, people want to feel love, connected, and that they matter to the person that they have chosen to give this part of their life to. When individuals feel disconnected, or that they are not the most important thing to their partner, issues can surface. Using our training in working with couples, we work to ensure that both partners feel heard. We have worked with infidelity, communication issues, financial concerns, persistent arguing and more. 


When individuals in a family struggle, the entire family struggles. At Yetman Counseling Services, our background is in Family Systems work that helps all members of a family understand what happens when their actions impact someone they care about. Families present unique challenges too because there are many more personalities represented. We can work with discipline issues, problems with transitions (e.g. when a sibling goes to college or a child identifies as LGBTQ), grief and loss, and more.