Counseling in Uptown Charlotte & Matthews

We provide counseling services at our convenient locations in Uptown & Matthews for individuals, couples, children, and families.


When we approach the problems in our lives, they can feel overwhelming. Our children can seem to be out of control. Our anxieties can keep us from living fulfilling lives. Relationships with our loved ones can be strained. Trauma or pain from our past can surface at any time. 

At Yetman Counseling Services  we aim to understand the richness of your full experience. We know that change can seem difficult. But we have hope. We believe that you can find new perspectives and ways to understand your past. We help you see that the first step towards accomplishing your goals is to simply Start with Today.


Services Provided

conventional psychoTHERAPY

Yetman Counseling Services provides counseling sessions to adults, couples, families and children in our comfortable office in Matthews, NC. More Information.

Play Therapy

Kristy has significant training and experience in the practice of Child-Centered Play Therapy which is often appropriate for many children aged 3-10 years. 

Premarital Counseling

For couples considering marriage, we offer a variety of premarital counseling options including the Prepare/Enrich program. For more information about Prepare/Enrich, please visit their website.

Couples Therapy

We provide counseling for couples who are experiencing various issues involving communication, a lack of desire, or infidelity. In addition, we provide counseling for couples looking to enrich their relationship.



Yetman Counseling Services has two convenient locations, perfect for busy professionals and the pace of everyday life.


Uptown Charlotte Office

1801 E 5th Street
Charlotte, NC 28204


Matthews Office

1140 Sam Newell Road, Suite B2
Matthews, NC 28105


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