Individual Psychotherapy

Help for anxiety, depression, trauma, and more

Whether you are experiencing anxiety, depression, recovery from trauma, or you simply want to understand more about yourself, it may be time to find a therapist. More than anything else, research has show that the most important factor contributing to healing in therapy is the relationship that you have with your therapist. At Yetman Counseling, we understand the importance of ensuring that you feel heard and understood. 

When working with individuals, we practice using a variety of well-researched techniques that are shown to help people feel better and work towards their goals. We collaborate with you to determine those things that you most want to change or understand. Ultimately, we work to provide you with skills and understanding that can help you improve your life. 

Doing the work of understanding yourself deeply is important and it's been shown to help improve your relationships with others too. Anyone can benefit from working with a skilled and caring counselor and we would love to begin working with you today. 

Please contact us for more details about how you can start your journey today.