Premarital Counseling

Services for Engaged Couples in Charlotte and Online


Committing for life to someone you love is a big step. Working with a counselor before you make such a commitment is important to help you learn the skills needed to create a happy life together. Yetman Counseling Services provides premarital sessions for engaged couples looking to learn more about each other and explore what making a lifelong commitment really means. 

What is marriage really like?

How do I know he's the one for me?

What if we don't agree on how many children to have?

What rituals or holidays will we observe as a family?

How can we blend our stories together?

All of these are questions that engaged couples often ask and they're questions that we can explore together. By engaging with a therapist trained in helping you discover your answers to these and other questions, you're giving yourself the best opportunity to create a relationship that stands the test of time.