The Relationship Review


The Relationship Review

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The Relationship Review package is perfect for couples who are wondering if relationship counseling is right for them or who just want professional feedback on how their relationship is doing. The package includes a detailed electronic assessment of your relationship as well as two consults with a couples therapist who will review your results and provide you with feedback and resources to help take your relationship to the next level. 

The Package includes:

  • An initial 30-minute session with a couples therapist

  • Access to a detailed online assessment

  • A 90-minute session to review your resultsSeparately, the cost of this package would be $350 or more.

    For a limited time, The Relationship Review is on sale for $149!

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The Relationship Review is a great opportunity for couples to more deeply understand the strengths of their relationship and where they may need to put in a little extra work. Consultations can be scheduled at one of our convenient Charlotte, NC locations or from anywhere online. 

Once you purchase The Relationship Review, we will be in touch to schedule your first consultation.

Please note: The Relationship Review is not couples therapy. It is an assessment of the current health of your relationship. After the assessment is complete, we will give you some recommendations for growth which may or may not include beginning couples therapy, additional books or videos, or other appropriate resources.

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