Workshops and Seminars

Kristy and Desmond enjoy working with community groups, churches, and other organizations in providing excellent workshops and seminars. These experiences cover a variety of topics including understanding emotions in children, developing deeper intimacy with your spouse or partner, and finding purpose in your relationship.


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Everything Matters Seminar

The Everything Matters seminar is a exploration of all of the thing that make us who we are as individuals and how that impacts that relationships we have with the people we love. We cover everything from the biology of your brain to what happens when you don't communicate. 


When Big Emotions Cause Big Problems

When parents understand that children process their emotions differently than adults do, it opens up more productive and effective ways of communicating with their kids. Kristy explores how emotions are experienced by children and shares techniques to communicate more effectively in this great workshop.


Finding purpose in your Relationship

People look for meaning in all sorts of places. Many of us who are in committed relationships understand that our relationships can have a great sense of purpose. This 60-minute workshop helps couples process the ways they can find a purpose together, supporting each others dreams, and making a difference.